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What is Femdom Porn?

Femdom Porn is a type of pornography that depicts Female Domination, or Femdom for short. Female dominance, the act of dominating, involves the woman taking charge, placing emphasis on her power over a submissive partner, engaging in sex acts such and BDSM that cause the sub to be portrayed as submissive to the female dome, sometimes experience feelings of humiliation and even physical and/or emotional pain. The female dominant is sometimes referred to as a Dominatrix or Mistress.

The Best Femdom Porn Sites
Here are some of the best UK Femdom porn websites:
More Good Femdom Stuff
Some useful links where you'll find more quality Femdom:
Specific Femdom activities: BDSM, CBT, CEI, Chastity, CP, Cuckolding, Humiliation, JOI, Pegging, SPH, Spanking, Strapon.
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